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As a business development consultant, I’ve seen a consistent issue across all industries.

Leaders struggle to get an accurate assessment of the many layers involved in business development, and it’s challenging to accomplish from within.  This is a significant issue when they are trying to determine what needs fixing or what needs to be done to increase sales.


  1. Your development team is not trained well. Even if they are good at development, they need to have solid training on the company, culture, competitors, and how to develop business for your unique industry.  This requires internal, company level training and outside sales/development training. Even if you have training in place, it is important to know if you are maximizing your results.
  2. You have poor or nonexistent processes or communication protocols in place that makes consistency and follow through difficult for development, customer service or operations.
  3. Your business development team is not at capacity, and knowing why is often difficult. Most are too afraid to be transparent because they fear dismissal. An organization must be aware of challenges or shortcomings so they can be addressed.
  4. There is an issue with the service, operational or supply side of the organization. Two examples: Your front line, client-facing staff may be negatively impacting the organization, or your development people worry a contract might not be honored or followed through on, so they slow their development efforts. An organization never knows what potential was lost.
  5. There is a culture problem and the employees don’t feel like they are valued, respected or there is internal drama in the workplace. Instead of telling you, they simply leave. There is not a structure in place to allow for open communication or resolving challenges.
  6. Lastly, your marketing is not on target or reaching your prospective clients and it impacts your pipeline.

Yes, it’s a lot.  You are busy, you don’t know what to compare your organization to, you don’t know what you don’t know. You are too close to it. But it all adds up.

Thinking In Sync offers a unique service: A Business Development Report Card.  This is the way to get an honest outside assessment of where your organization stands as it relates to business development.  We’ve worked with dozens of industries to see the typical patterns and limitations, as well as impactful solutions.

Our Business Development Report Card process is positive, productive and non-threatening.  This assesses every aspect that directly or indirectly impacts clients or prospective clients with the goal of helping the organization, as a whole, succeed. This should come first in business development.

The Business Development Report Card will give you confirmation of what you are doing right and objective constructive feedback on areas that are of concern.  We take the stress and personalization out of it.  We objectively provide recommendations for areas of improvement that you can do yourself, that you can hire us to do, if applicable, or we can refer you to another source who can solve the issue. When the above is all in good shape, your sales will increase.

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