Why Choose Us?

thinking in sync madison wi

Our Integrity…


  1. We put our money where our mouth is. We don’t just SAY we conduct ourselves knowing our priorities, we live it.
  2. Our team is made up of many brilliant minds who have a lot to offer, but value their commitment to what’s really important.
  3. We allow them to work on a project-by-project basis that enables them to work when they can give their all. If you are OK with understanding a partnership has to work for both sides, you won’t be disappointed with the pay off.
  4. In addition to our staff working from their homes, they can schedule their meetings and appointments around kid’s schedules, work outs or community or service commitments.
  5. We are changing the way business looks at balance. We respect what is really important – being present with our children as they are growing and instilling the values they will carry with them into their future.
  6. Helping to make our community and world a better place to live is also a priority for us. We encourage our team to use their time and talents with others who can benefit from them.
  7. We contribute 10% of all of our profits to help our local charities.
  8. Lastly, due to our extensive “big picture” look at your organization, we are in a strong position to make honest recommendations. If we think you can best get what you need from internal sources, or from other organizations, we will tell you this.  Our integrity has always paid back in spades.


thinking in sync madison wi

We’re the Glue


  1. We uncover and diagnose the areas your company needs to make changes in order to create an atmosphere and attitude that reflects your company’s philosophy.
  2. Not only do we diagnose it, we have the right team to implement the recommendations – from your marketing/communications/advertising to training and process development. A common problem for many businesses: “Lost opportunities and sales can happen when businesses get too close to their own goals and forget to see themselves through the eyes of their customer.” Business needs to start with your client
  3. No longer can an organization use a band-aid approach. You can build a new, beautiful facility, but if your core customer service process is not working, you are still not going to accomplish your goals. On the other hand, if you have the best customer service in your industry, if people are too turned off to step foot in your doors due to an aged facility, you are still going to fall short.
  4. When Thinking In Sync diagnoses your business, we look at every aspect of customer interactions and develop recommendations that will help you fine tune and improve to ultimately increase sales and achieve your goals. Customer feedback is valuable, but getting a complete and thorough analysis from their perspective just will not happen. You need professionals who specialize in it.
  5. With Thinking In Sync, we will not only determine what needs to be improved upon, but will work with our team of experts to help you get up to speed and help you create a consistent attitude regardless of the direction your customer takes in your organization.

Your Bottom Line


  1. Every decision we make takes your bottom line into account. We often find some businesses don’t even know what they need and they require help to determine ideas they have not even considered.
  2. You don’t need a lot a talking. You need someone who can jump in and start making an immediate impact on your bottom line. We focus on strategy to apply to your unique clients. One at a time.
  3. There is a lot of information out there—the problem isn’t the information, it’s how to get the information into the brain of your audience.
  4. You may have someone in charge of new business development, although they just don’t have the time to really implement the training it takes to make each person succeed.
  5. With Thinking In Sync, our thorough diagnosis enables us to tailor the right training for your unique business & situation.
  6. In training, we don’t believe in just providing the information, but we make it participatory and interactive. We all know it’s easier to learn when you DO something, rather than when someone TELLS YOU something.
  7. When coaching, we look at the complete person. As an objective 3rd party representative, our goal is to understand the unique side to each individual— personal, emotional and any angle that may get in the way of them giving their all.