What we do

Business Development/Sales Strategy and Training

  1. Business-to-business, inside sales, customer service and retail. Leadership Management.
  2. You don’t need a lot a talking. You need someone who can jump in and start making an immediate impact on your bottom line. We focus on strategy to apply to your unique clients. One at a time.
  3. There is a lot of information out there—the problem isn’t the information, it’s how to get the information into the brain of your new business development/sales team. You do not have the time to ensure your team can gain the knowledge they need.
  4. You may have someone in charge of new business development, although they just don’t have the time to really implement the training it takes to make each person succeed.
  5. With Thinking In Sync, our thorough diagnosis enables us to tailor the right training for your unique business & situation.
  6. In training, we don’t believe in just providing the information, but we make it participatory and interactive. We all know it’s easier to learn when you DO something, rather than when someone TELLS YOU something.
  7. When coaching, we look at the complete person. As an objective 3rd party representative, our goal is to understand the unique side to each individual— personal, emotional and any angle that may get in the way of them giving their all.

Virtual Sales Manager

  1. If you currently do not have a Sales Manager, but realize you need help managing all of the aspects of revenue development, we are the best option
  2. Often, actual Sales Strategy and helping to move a prospect from pending to confirmed is a responsibility that sales managers only contribute on average, about 20% of their time towards. We can do only that and make an immediate impact on speeding up your sales process.
  3. As a Virtual Sales Manager, we will oversee your team, ensure new business development strategies are implemented (AND FOLLOWED) and will coach your team along the way.
  4. CRM systems only work when used. If you have a current CRM system or are looking into one, will provide that extra support to ensure it is being used to it’s fullest potential while keeping you in the loop with what is going on with existing and new prospects in the pipeline.

Marketing and Advertising

  1. Analyzing and buying advertising for effectively and efficiently reaching your target customer.
  2. Acting as your “liaison” between you and media organizations.
  3. Writing and production of all advertising, communication and marketing related material.

Speaking—Motivational and Topic specific

  1. Client perspective, referral generating, personal responsibility, attitude, getting the appointment, building credibility, business etiquette and Christian Inspiration.
  2. I don’t like “cookie cutter” presentations. It is not difficult to tailor my message depending on what you are looking for; let’s talk.