How are you different?

We bring ethics and efficiency back into business.  We are not interested in winning any Addy awards or coming up with busy work just so we can bill our clients; we are only interested in helping you use your investment in the most cost effective way possible.  We will treat your investment as if it’s our own.  Really.  We are not focused on talking about what all that needs to get done; we just get it done. For us, it all starts with your clients and customers.

Exactly what is your specialty?

We focus on increasing your bottom line and we see the forest through the trees to accomplish this.  To us, it’s not just a buzz statement; we don’t know how to see business any other way.  We look straight to the bottom line—exactly how can it be increased?  What is keeping you from getting there?  What can you be doing differently? 

Have you ever sold a home?  Notice how you may be so used to something; you forget how it appears to a prospective buyer?  We look at your business through your customer’s eyes and will point out things you may miss—about your marketing, your message or the way your receptionist or employees conduct themselves on their first impression.

Wait, so I only need to hire Thinking In Sync and you’ll oversee whatever we need to do to increase our sales?

Almost.  We’re like the General Contractor in building. We don’t get involved in inventory management or vendor relations; however, you can be assured we are able to connect you with someone who does if it’s needed.  We’ll be your glue to get what you need—from your marketing, customer service and advertising to how to best connect and understand your customer.

What do you mean when you say you start with our clients and work your way up?

Do you admit to being too busy to really consider your customer’s perspective?   Let’s face it, you have a lot on your plate, and it’s not getting any better.  When was the last time you hung out with your target demographic and gotten inside of their heads?    You need customers to make your dreams come true.  To get customers, you need to first understand your customers and work your way up.

We start with the basics! Sorry, no fancy talk here.  Just plain and simple—we will find a way to talk TO your prospective clients rather than AT them.

How much do you charge?

We are very interested in helping any business or organization who needs our help.  You could be a small start-up company or a medium sized company.  In our initial (no charge) meeting, we can discuss your parameters and what is going to be affordable for you based on what you really need.

We work either by the hour or by the project or solution. We also offer a special rate for charitable or non-profit organizations that are a good fit with our philosophy