What are your clients thinking?

Does Your Client’s Experience Reflect Your Mission?

Owners of companies are so busy trying to keep business going that they forget to look at their business through the eyes of their customer – or to really know what is going on inside the company. Clients often don’t take the time to provide objective feedback and your own employees may be telling you what you want to hear to your face, but are not comfortable letting you in on what’s really going on.

An outside perspective confirms the good and identifies the gaps:

  1. Client Interaction Review: This is a review of your business from what the client experiences. Everything from your marketing to customer service, what they hear when they call, what they see when they visit, how easy you make the communication, how well your folks provide your clients with what they need and how well you carry them through the sales experience or process – it’s all important and if there is a gap, we will find it. It’s similar to the concept of a “secret shopper” but it’s much more. We work with you to set up the scenario and the timeline – it’s different for each of our clients depending on their unique business.
  2. Business Development Report Card: This is when we take time to learn how you are doing and what might be holding you back. From your sales processes (or lack thereof) to your marketing, sales people, and internal/external communications. We look to find the gap and make recommendations to fix it. The solutions are sometimes things you can implement yourself or things TIS can help you with. We’ve worked with many organizations in a multitude of industries, so we offer a solid outside perspective. The process itself has uncovered very good information that our clients could not have discovered by themselves.