We're The Glue

Thinking In Sync’s primary focus is to help our clients increase their sales. Accomplishing this MUST involve all of the following:

We first analyze your company & all pieces of the puzzle
  1. We start with a complete “review” of every aspect of the company that relates to their customer or client.
  2. So often, a few steps are evaluated and some level of action has taken place, but in order for a company to be as successful as possible, a complete analysis must be conducted starting from the customer’s perspective.

Example: A marketing plan is implemented, but if you say your company is “focused on the customer” but not every aspect of your organization is set up that way, you are not providing a true picture. If your customer comes into contact with a less than enthusiastic employee in your customer service, admissions, shipping or repairs department, you cannot honestly advertise you are focused on the customer.

Every team member of your organization must have a consistent attitude to accomplish the goals for your company. This relates to the process your customers must go through in relationship to anyone who has a direct connection with your customers.

Thinking In Sync specializes in uncovering and diagnosing:
  1. We uncover and diagnose the areas your company needs to make changes in order to create an atmosphere and attitude that reflects your company’s philosophy.
  2. Not only do we diagnose it, we have the right team to implement the recommendations – from your marketing/communications/advertising to training and process development. A common problem for many businesses: “Lost opportunities and sales can happen when businesses get too close to their own goals and forget to see themselves through the eyes of their customer.” Business needs to start with your client
  3. No longer can an organization use a band-aid approach. You can build a new, beautiful facility, but if your core customer service process is not working, you are still not going to accomplish your goals. On the other hand, if you have the best customer service in your industry, if people are too turned off to step foot in your doors due to an aged facility, you are still going to fall short.
  4. When Thinking In Sync diagnoses your business, we look at every aspect of customer interactions and develop recommendations that will help you fine tune and improve to ultimately increase sales and achieve your goals. Customer feedback is valuable, but getting a complete and thorough analysis from their perspective just will not happen. You need professionals who specialize in it.
  5. With Thinking In Sync, we will not only determine what needs to be improved upon, but will work with our team of experts to help you get up to speed and help you create a consistent attitude regardless of the direction your customer takes in your organization.
  6. Each person on our team will work toward the same goal with our Client Interaction Specialist driving the process.