About Us

Diane Hanson - owner

Diane Hanson thinking in syncAs a Business Development Professional, Trainer, Coach and Marketing Specialist for the last 25 years, Diane has a knack for "cleaning up the worms". All companies have a can of worms - some big and some small. She's great at figuring out what a business or organization needs or what they should do to achieve their sales goals. It's all with one goal in mind: Increase sales for her clients. Business Development Consulting, Training, Marketing & Communications.


Gail Swift – Business Development Coach and Consultant

gail swift thinking in syncGail has been helping businesses grow for over 20 years and has enjoyed working both in marketing as well as in training and coaching.

Her greatest gift is helping business professionals accomplish their goals through strategy, follow-up, encouragement and accountability.


Message from the owner:

We all have a dream. One of mine started back when I was 22. My soon-to-be husband and I would talk about the business I would some day start. At the time I was in the marketing/advertising field and loved the many meanings behind the word “Sync”.

True, there is a rock band with the same name, but taking it further than getting the audio and video to “sync” up in film production, I felt the ability to sync with clients was crucial to the success of any relationship.

Take that a step further, and being able to “sync” with my client’s customers is even better.Fast forward (I won’t tell you how many years) and lot more experience in the advertising/marketing/communication and sales training industry helped me to solidify this concept. Account Management, Media buying and selling, planning and implementing campaigns and sales promotion initiatives, writing and directing commercial and ad production, sales training coaching and consulting helped me to build a solid foundation to get me here. In between, I had babies, connected even more with many of your business’ prospective customers and I know I am now onto something.

During this time in the business, I could see many disconnects when it came to the overall goal of achieving increased sales. Continuously I saw a lot going on within each area, but there was no glue that held it all together—and many pieces were missing. So I decided to start a business that would stand out on its own—and do it my way. It’s time for me to shake things up a bit in the industry and provide business owners what they really need and want.My “team” is made up of those who I know and trust as the best of the best. We all share the same business philosophy and you can feel confident knowing we will meet and exceed your expectations.